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11 yr. old Composer
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"There's nothing like playing Chopin on the piano in my room while my tuxedo cat Meowth sits underneath the bench in an Amazon Prime box and falls asleep.  There's nothing like improvising a cello nocturne while my mom smiles and rests on our cat-scratched yellow couch.   There's nothing like picking up a black Ticonderoga pencil and drawing Bloogarks and Blugarks, or writing down a new musical inspiration late at night when my parents think I'm asleep. 

"My passions inform my music. I love catching, studying, and releasing insects in the summer.  I've studied over 100 species.  I collect elements on the periodic table and have over 58 elements.  I love to draw.  I love to think about whatever pleases my mind at the time.  I love to write things down all the time.  When we cleaned out our silver Honda, we found over 34 pencils!


"Yeah, I know.  Minecraft and Clash Royale and other games are totally fun, but pick up an instrument.  Pick up a pencil.  It matters.  Whether it’s through music or the power of the pencil, make your voice heard. Make your mark."


"Bugs and books become inspiration for this 11-year-old composer."  Story about Schneider.

Schneider: The Jocund Overture

Mozart: Symphony No.38 “Prague” in D Major, K.504
Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op.64


Hear the Nebraska premeire of "Insect Suite."  An 11 minute piece written for full orchestra.