12-year-old Winston F. Schneider 


"Are we similar? 

"Do you love the sounds of music? Does a Chopin waltz speak to you? Love the mechanics and theory behind the music? Love a Beethoven symphony? Love to draw creatures and inventions? Find insects fascinating, valuable and worth studying? Love learning about chemistry and balancing equations? Get lost in books (sometimes in the middle of getting dressed and end up with your pants on backwards)? Create board games? Write fiction? I do too.    

"Love a piano? Love a string instrument? Love card games and chess? Love to use different voices in regular conversations? Love to make pancakes Every. Single. Morning? Love to stay up really late writing down musical ideas? or making a list of symphonies you wanna write? or creatures you wanna create? such as Bloogarks and Blugarks? or creating a new alphabet code? or drawing maps of different worlds? or battle ships? or aircraft? or insect robots?" 

Twelve year old Winston Schneider is a composer, pianist and cellist. He’s won over 20 honors and awards for his musical compositions, including national and international awards.

“Congratulations on your bold ideas and I hope you keep them coming,” announced Shawn Jaeger, composer, as he introduced Winston Schneider’s new work, “Insect Suite,” at the MATA Jr. Festival in New York in November, 2018.  Schneider was one of six pre-college composers selected internationally to compose a new piece for MATA Jr, which was premiered by the esteemed New York teen music ensemble, Face the Music, in Brooklyn, New York.  

“It’s like being a muse. You give him possibilities and he does his magic, which is amazing for a kid his age,” says Dr. Kenneth Meints in the Omaha World Herald (October, 2016).  Schneider began composing at the age of five.  He has a rare musical ability of Absolute Pitch.

In 2018 Schneider travelled to Dallas, Texas, for the Young Composers Concert for NAfME, where his string quartet “Scherzo of the Feather Stars” was featured, as he was the first place national winner for the NAfME Composition Competition (K-8).  His “Insect March” also won first nationally in the NAfME Electronic Composition Competition (K-8, 2018). 

Schneider won the 2019-20 Lowell Mason House national competition for Music Education Advocacy, with a video submission about the importance of a musical education. 

Schneider is also 2019-20’s Nebraska state MTNA piano performance competition winner, and 2019-20's West Central Division MTNA music composition winner.  He’s been featured nationally on the PBS “Arts Canvas” website in a story called: “Bugs and books become inspiration for this 11-year-old composer.”

Schneider has also worked with George Mason University composer / conductor Mark Camphouse.  “Winston Schneider is a fine young gentleman and gifted young composer,” commented Professor Mark Camphouse in an online article.  “He is a joy to work with and has a very bright future!”